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 Current City Standard Buildings

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PostSubject: Current City Standard Buildings   Wed Feb 04, 2009 2:49 pm

When it comes to the buildings we have in each of our cities, we pretty much had all the same stuff before the update, with one space open due to Bureaucracy.

Now with the update, all our spaces are probably filled according to our needs and play styles, and we have quite a bit of variety on those spaces.

I wanted to know what everyone had and why they chose what they did.

In my cities my standards are:

Town Wall
Town Hall
Trading Port

These are pretty self explanatory, as nothing else will fit in those slots.

Museum - Happiness is the key to sucess
Tavern - Read above
Barracks - Need them to have troops in your city
Hideout - Spy Defense Network = Priceless
Palace/Governor's Residence - No way arround it for colonization
Warehouse 1 - You need to hold stuff
Academy - need them for research

These round out my standards, you can argue that you don't need an academy in each city, but I don't plan on having to research Letter Chute for the next year. Everything else are pretty much Duh, of course you have them buildings.

On my other cities, one has a Trading Post, another a Workshop, another an Embassy, and one would have Firework Test Area as in conjunction with my Wonder there, it will be my dedidicated military building City.

Now you should have 3 slots available with Bureaucracy. What 3 do you fill them with? I think this is where we all will have different choices. Here are my 3.

Architect's Office - With the update, marble requirements are huge. This building caps at level 16 for a total of 16% off marble costs and when added with Research (Spirit Hands) it's a total of 30% off. Heck, I'd take that. AO is going in all of my cities are being capped right away.

Improved Resource Gathering (Glassblower, Achemist`s Tower, Winegrower, Stonemason) - Yeah, I only listed the luxury resource buildings, cause I figured those are the only important ones. These cap at 16, and with a 2% boost to each resource, I welcome the 32% addition.

My final slot is a rough one, and I am actually still undecided on.

My first thoughts were to go to warehouse 2 just so I can protect my resources during a raid. Let face it, you're dedicating a lot of resources for not that much protection. On top of that, they increased the cap to 24 on the warehouse, so is it really worth a 2nd one? I dunno.

I then turn to the Wine Press. Our taverns are even more demanding, and I am using a ton of wine, it only makes sense to get these badboys up to level 16. But then again, I have 2 cities that produce wine, and they make a ton of it. Is it really needed? I dunno.

So it's still up in the air, I'd like to hear all of your thoughts on this. Hope this helps others with all the confusion as well.

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PostSubject: Re: Current City Standard Buildings   Wed Feb 04, 2009 5:27 pm

Okay so you don't need an embassy in every colony? I was just curious...
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PostSubject: Re: Current City Standard Buildings   Thu Feb 05, 2009 6:16 am

nah you don't need one in every city. 1 is enough
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PostSubject: Re: Current City Standard Buildings   Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:56 pm

Awesome thanks. That saves some room in each colony. So i can eliminate those, and only keep one between all my colonies. Anything else you recommend getting rid of? Also, I have one wine Island, two marble, and one crystal. Which buildings do you think would be beneficial for me?
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PostSubject: my 2cents worth   Fri Feb 06, 2009 8:08 pm

I think maximizing resources is pretty important. Get your extra resource buildings (Stonemason, Glassblower, etc) and upgrade 'em. Also, make Forestry if you can spare the spot. Personally, I think getting the 2% extra resources is better than saving 1% (Architect)... if you use what you harvest. If you import a lot of stuff, you might want to conserve.

Hideouts are necessary later in the game (to spy on others and to protect yourself from spies), so they are probably necessary in every city. Barracks and Shipyards too, unfortunately.

I got rid of all Workshops except 1 (on crystal island) and all Trading Ports except my biggest to make room. Yeah, I might do less selling, but that's okay. I trade a lot. The extra Workshops (mostly level 5 or lower) were of no benefit, since I didn't have enough crystal to keep 'em busy. Once I research Bureaucracy, I'll get one more spot in each city. I'll probably use it to build Wine Cellars.

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PostSubject: Re: Current City Standard Buildings   

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Current City Standard Buildings
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